Newtown HS Auditorium
Newtown High School Auditorium stage
Newtown High School Auditorium seats
Newtown HS Auditorium camera
Newtown High School
Theater Renovation
Newtown, CT

With equipment dating back to the 1970s, Newtown High School’s aged and worn auditorium was a safety hazard for the hundreds of students and community members who perform on the stage. Newtown citizens wanted a performing arts facility that will promote its talented students and the community at large. 


While the focus of this renovation was to upgrade the auditorium to a professional-level theater, the project included a complete renovation that improved sightlines, acoustics, and reconfigured the entire auditorium floor. Our team also designed new seating, mechanical and electrical upgrades, and theatrical lighting upgrades. We created accessibility to the stage via platform “box seats” at the theater perimeter, and provided a new control booth near the main entrance. The new multicolored carpet and red seats brighten the space. 


Newtown High School students now work with professional systems that will prepare them to study theater in college. 




  • Completion: January 2018

  • Cost:  $3.6 million