New Britain Community Education Center 
New Britain, CT

The New Britain Housing Authority and Human Resource Agency identified a strong need for a facility dedicated to providing job training and helping low-income residents prepare for the workforce in a neighborhood where unemployment is high. Education, job training and career counselling were the client’s biggest requirements, and guided the design team’s program to provide spaces for education, computer skills, GED training, introductions to career opportunities and job placement for low-income residents.


In January 2015, the new 18,000-SF Community Education Center was complete. The facility includes:

  • classrooms

  • computer testing spaces

  • vocational training areas

  • a community event space


The client was hands-on from conceptual programming and design throughout construction, and challenged the design team to create a learning institution without appearing institutional; one with a welcoming, open feel and simple navigation. QA+M Architecture met that challenge and created specialized spaces for ESL reading/writing, research, testing, and health assessments – dozens of amenities to help community members gain skills and meaningful employment.


  • 18,000-SF

  • Cost: $4.9 million