Martin Kellogg Middle School Academy of Biomedical Sciences
Newington, CT

The new Academy of Biomedical Sciences is part of Newington Public Schools’ focus towards developing a career-based curriculum. QA+M Architecture was the designer for the repurposing of several vacant shop classrooms into a 4,000-SF biomedical learning facility that includes lab stations and diagnostic equipment, providing students an experience imitating that of working in an actual research facility.


The Academy was designed as an instructional and exploratory laboratory program that prepares students to work in the areas of pharmaceutical and clinical exploration. Infused with technology, the lecture and laboratory spaces are designed to provide a flexible environment with folding partitions that allow for a single large lab or multiple instructional spaces for small teams.


  • Transformed 4,000-SF of shop classrooms into a biomedical learning facility

  • Cost: $1 million