Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery

Salisbury, CT


QA+M Architecture was commissioned to rebuild multiple homes located within the floodplain destroyed during the Superstorm Sandy Hurricane, as part of recovery efforts funded by FEMA and the Connecticut Department of Housing.


A main challenge of the design was recreating 1,200 square feet of living space and a garage within a smaller footprint appropriate to the surroundings. Instead of embracing the original home’s one-story layout, QA+M designed two stories set atop a reduced 525-SF concrete and helical pile foundation. The solution employed cantilevering living spaces and interior stairs that wrap around the building’s perimeter, allowing a reduced, site-friendly footprint. 


The home’s highly-efficient envelope is a combination of conventional wood framing, SIPS roof, and a panelized open rain-screen cladding system. Minimalist interior details highlight the construction method, as the overall design considers the property’s unique views to abutting marshes and nearby seaside.


  • Cost:  $400,000

  • Completion:  2016