QA+M Architecture was founded in 1994 by David Quisenberry in Marlborough, CT. Initially called Paragon Design, the firm provided architecture and construction management services. In 1999, Paragon Design relocated to Farmington and divided into two separate firms. Paragon Design continued to provide high-quality architectural services to a variety of client types, while the construction services split off into Clermont Construction Corporation. 

In 2002, Tom Arcari joined the firm as a partner and the name changed to Quisenberry Arcari (QA) Architects. During the first several years of QA's existence, a majority of work focused on residential and capital improvement projects across multiple genres, including municipal, recreation, commercial, health care, and multi-family/senior housing. In 2010, Rusty Malik became the firm's third partner and expanded the firm's capabilities to provide full design services for education clients.  


In 2017, the firm acquired Smith Edwards McCoy Architects (SEMA), a noted Connecticut firm recognized for its influential work in education design, adaptive reuse and preserving Connecticut’s architectural heritage of civic buildings, schools, museums, and performing art facilities. The addition of SEMA strengthened the firm's architectural and interior design credentials, and brought a team of award-winning designers to its staff.


Later in 2017, the firm re-named itself QA+M Architecture to celebrate Rusty Malik's contributions to the firm. Today QA+M is a medium-sized firm of 35, including 15 licensed architects. Augmented with today’s technology, we see our size as offering distinct advantages over larger firms. We are agile and nimble, and able to quickly respond to our clients needs. Our size also allows our senior professionals to be fully engaged from project inception through occupancy.

In addition to our commitment to design excellence, our prime focus is to serve our client's specific needs, be they aesthetic, budgetary or performance-based. We believe the best results are achieved when we have a fully engaged client, and we work diligently to collaborate with our clients to create an enduring legacy.