Groton Senior Center 
Groton, CT

The additions, renovations and upgrades to the Groton Senior Center were driven by the demand for health and wellness programs and socialization opportunities for Groton’s growing senior community.

The design includes the addition of a 3,000-SF dedicated exercise room with an operable partition, tripling the center’s programming capacity and providing versatility for class sizes up to 100 people. 


Featuring three glass walls, the 1,600-SF fitness room allows users a visual connection to the natural environment while enjoying amenities rivaling a private gym’s. The resilient floor finishes, wall mirrors, exercise bars, storage rooms, A/V system, lighting, and HVAC assemblies were carefully selected for the space.


The expanded dining and entertaining room is 30% larger, accommodating 550 people. Designed for social events and performances, the area features a new stage, full commercial kitchen, and upgraded finishes for enhanced visual and acoustic effect.


Additional program spaces include an entrance lounge and “Main Street” socialization areas, a new music room, and computer labs. The project required a complete upgrade of the building’s infrastructure, including MEP and lighting systems, and the conversion of the existing flat roof to a pitched roofing assembly.


  • Cost: $9 million