Foran Towers
Milford, CT

Seniors at Foran Towers are in a much-improved building, thanks to QA+M Architecture’s design and construction administration services for exterior upgrades and repairs. 


Foran Towers is an affordable housing development built in the mid-1960s. Over time, its brick façade had deteriorated beyond repair, and the potential for falling bricks created an imminent safety risk for residents.


QA+M Architecture and the Milford Redevelopment & Housing Partnership responded with a façade modernization project that completely transformed the development with attractive architectural features, structural improvements, and environmental efficiencies.

As a result, the project has had a positive impact on the residents and surrounding community by extending the life of the building by 50 years, and serving residents with an energy-efficient, safe and attractive building that complements the nearby neighborhood.

QA+M's scope of work included the replacement of brick veneer with a new EIFS system, construction of a new entry canopy, a new entry ramp, and new exterior lighting.