Durham Town Hall 
Durham, CT

This historic renovation project located on the Durham Town Green included 3,500-SF of additions to expand the total size of the town hall to 8,500-SF, meeting the community’s administrative needs through 2050.

The project required state archaeological review due to its adjacency to the town’s grave yard; post and beam design specialists due to the deterioration of the existing structural frame; construction of a temporary vault to meet the state library’s strict requirements for record keeping and access; and master carpenters to replicate the unique detail inherent to this timeless piece of rural Americana.


In addition to executing full architectural and engineering services, the design team oversaw and coordinated a significant outpouring of community assistance and donations that included funding, design work, stone work, electrical contracting, site work, paving, demolition, signage, and landscaping.


  • 8,500-SF

  • Cost: $1.85 million