Durata Therapeutics
Branford, CT


A breakthrough pharmaceutical product, a public stock offering, and unharnessed company growth fueled Durata Therapeutic’s need for this new 18,000-SF regional research and development center. A lengthy search and feasibility process resulted in this transit-oriented renovation project.


Located within walking distance of the Metro-North Commuter Rail and the regional bus line, the facility features administrative and research office space, training space, library, exercise rooms, labs, and a teleconference center.


A gut-renovation approach was chosen for two significant reasons:

  1. the relatively low embodied energy associated with a renovation project compared to new construction 

  2. the ability to expand quickly and cost-effectively into the remaining 36,000-SF of undeveloped space.


An advocate for the environment, Durata's space features eco-friendly finishes, fixtures, and furniture.



  • 18,000-SF

  • Cost:  $1.2 million