Church of the Good Shepherd
Colt Memorial Parish House
Hartford, CT


The Colt Memorial Parish House built in 1896 is one of the most exuberant and architecturally-distinguished examples of Victorian architecture in Hartford. Mrs. Samuel Colt engaged the architect Edward Tuckerman Potter to design a parish house as a memorial to her son, Caldwell Hart Colt. For over 100 years the building served as the parish house for the Church of the Good Shepherd. It fell into a dangerously-deteriorated condition, and our firm provided a Master Plan to ensure the building’s future.

The first phase of the Master Plan, restoration of the ​exterior, included repairs to existing slate and copper roofs, a gentle cleaning of the brownstone and limestone facades, and restoration of the building’s elaborate stained-glass windows. Site design, exterior lighting, and landscaping were also a component of this initial phase.


The current phase includes installation of an elevator for accessibility for the handicapped, the interior restoration of the building, and renovations to the lower level of the building to better serve as a community services center.​